People, landscapes and birds of prey in the forest of Dadia 


The natural wealth of the forest of Dadia, but also the inextricable links between the history and the landscapes of the area, are presented in the new book by George Katsadorakis, entitled "People, landscapes and birds of prey in the forest of Dadia".  

On the occasion of the author's attempt to answer the question why there is so much variety and such large numbers of birds of prey (eagles, hawks, vultures) in the National Park of the Forest of Dadia, the book aims to arouse the reader's interest to know better the precious but still unknown part of Thrace.


George Katsadorakis, who is a biologist - specialist in wildlife, was for many years a scientific advisor to WWF Hellas and lived in Dadia for nine years. He notes that "I started writing this book looking to find my own answers to the question why this huge variety of birds of prey is found in the forest of Dadia. In the process I realized that I will never be able to find sufficient answers, if I do not learn more about the history of man in this unknown end of the Greek land ".


Combining text and photographs, the book "travels" the reader to the wooded hills of Dadia and helps him discover the thread that connects such seemingly unlinked things and events that characterize the central Evros. For example, how the big eagles and vultures (kartalia in local dialect) are connected with the megalithic monuments of the Iron Age, the chipboard industry with the turtles, the chrome in the Second World War with the ancient festival Kurbani, the Sarakatsani cattle breeders and the cattle breeders with the silk and mulberries, the forest fires with the Dutch ornithologists, but also the thieves and the boatmen with the lizards and the snakes.


"The book will have achieved its purpose if the reader does not just enjoy the beauty of the mythical landscapes, nor if he simply increases his knowledge of the rich wildlife of this diamond of our natural heritage, but if he gradually begins to understand them. "Hidden links between human culture, history, landscapes and the nature of this enchanting area", stresses George Katsadorakis. People, landscapes and birds prey in the forest of Dadia »