Hiking in Attica

For those of us who live in Athens, the lockdown of the last five months has deprived us of our favorite mountains.

The prohibition of travelling outside Attica, prevented us from escaping to the snowy mountains of the country and to go hiking, mountaineering, mountain skiing, overnight in nature.

The good news is that now, the inter-municipal movements with a car for physical exercise are allowed again. So we can visit the mountains of Attica again and enjoy the spring.

And yes, Attica has the good fortune to host several beautiful mountains with many different routes for everyone.

Visit Penteli and walk to the mines or to the cave of Davelis.

Hike to the top of "Evzonas" with its many antennas, or discover the "Trypia Spilia" in Imitos.

Explore the less known mountains of West Attica. Wander the green slopes of Mount Patera, Kithairon and Mount Geraneia.

And of course, rediscover the green lung of Athens. The much-loved Parnitha with its countless paths.

Pack a day-pack, tie your boots and you are ready for an nearby adventure.