Anavasi created a touring map for all outdoor activities in Evritania. Evritania offer many options for outdoor activites like rafting, skiing, hiking, 4x4 driving, mountaineering and mountain bike riding. 

The double-sided map features a hill shaded relief, shows the cities and road network. The touring routes are highlighted in bright colours. All the major sites in Evritania like Monastery of Prousos, the Holy Monastery of Tatarna, the Holy Monastery of Panagia in Domianos, the Holy Monastery of Stanas, the Towers of Karaiskakis, the monument of Markos Botsaris in Kefalovrysso, the historical school in Korousha, in Klausi with the Early Christian Basilica of Agios Leonidis are illustrated with pictures and small notes. 

The overall design of the map uses the concept of tour planning and creates a familiar look, as if a friend had highlighted for you the best places to visit in Evritania.