Agrafa is a sea full of mountains, a "retreat" for anyone who wants to enjoy the tranquility of the place. However, it is a "hiker's paradise" with a rich network of trails that cross some of the country's highest peaks. A remarkable route is the one from the Tria Sinora to the village of Epiniana. Here you can find the route from the village of Petralona to Tria Synora crossing some of the dazzling mountain peaks of the area. All routes are on the map of the Agrafa Climb with a scale of 1:50,000

Having covered the route from Petralona to Tria Synora, the hiker starts from the green landscape of the Tria Synora. This route goes through the mountain peak of Avgo or Delidimi.

Leaving the dirt road in the area of ​​Tria Sinora, a difficult path begins towards Avgo. The ascent is made through the Kokkinolakkes and Aforismenes ridges. At these points the path becomes more and more difficult, while in the last kilometers to Avgo, attention is required from the hiker. Arriving at Avgos at an altitude of 2,163 meters, the hiker will encounter a junction of three paths. One has a direction to Leontito while the other two to the south. Following a southern course, the hiker descends towards Asprorema. During this route the hiker will come across some abandoned buildings. Asprorema is a village which, since the 1960s, began to be deserted. In the 1940s, the inhabitants of the village numbered 250 while in 1991 the inhabitants were only 3. In the abandoned settlement you will find the small church of Prophet Ilias. 

Leaving Asprorema, a magical route begins among the fir trees. Now the whole route takes place next to the Asprorema stream. Along the way you will come across several springs with drinking water. Further along the route there is a stone bridge that leads to the opposite bank and then to the abandoned settlement of Ekklesies. The route holds surprises as near the abandoned settlement there is a beautiful waterfall. Going uphill, the route ends in the village of Epiniana or Pigiana, a small village flooded in fir trees. There you will find accommodation for your stay while you can continue hiking to Monastiraki

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