Agrafa is a sea full of mountains, a "retreat" for anyone who wants to enjoy the tranquility of the place. However, it is a "hiker's paradise" with a rich network of trails that cross some of the country's highest peaks. A remarkable route is the one from the village of Petralona (Saikas) in the Prefecture of Evrytania to the Three Borders. An amazing path that crosses all the mountain peaks of Central Agrafi with a panoramic view of Lake Plastira. This route is one of the suggested hiking routes in Agrafa

The starting point of this route is the village of Petralona, ​​a picturesque village, flooded with fir trees. Until 1955, the village was called Saika. The ascent to the Agrafio mountain peaks begins via the winding road that starts from the village and goes to the top of Marathia or Svoni. The distance from Saika village is 9 kilometers. The peak is located at an altitude of 2,040 meters while its ridge impresses every visitor. Continuing in a northerly direction, you will find the Civil War Memorial in the Tourla area. The Civil war (1946 – 1949) took place in the most remote areas of the Greek hinterland such as Agrafa, Gramos and Vici. Approaching the area you will find a plaque. At this location on April 12, 1947, dozens of people including members of the Democratic Army and the Government Army lost their lives trying to cross the Nyala mountain peak. In Agrafa, some Rebel groups were active where the Government Army with the help of the USA wanted to defend them.

The monument of the Greek Civil War in Niala Peak

Descending from Niala, the hiker came across the small church of Agios Nikolaos. This small church is located in an isolated barren location. Then the route continues to the north through the green landscapes of Voidolivados, Michos to the top of Pyrgos which is at 1,804 meters altitude. The route from Mihos to Pyrgos becomes secluded and rocky. Descending from the Tower, the hiker meets a junction towards Mega Rema. There you will also find a spring. There follows another 4 kilometers on a passable dirt road to Tria Synora from where you can reach Epiniana via the top of Avgo.

The route in total amounts to 30 kilometers with one part being conducted on a normal dirt road and another part on a difficult path that needs attention. The crossing time is two days.Here you can find all the routes presented on the
map of Agrafa

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