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Rayworld Amazing Map 137 x 97 cm

Rayworld Amazing Map 137 x 97 cm

Amazing World educational illustrated wall map for kids.

The Amazing World Illustrated Map for kids is a detailed, educational geographical map decorated with unique illustrations. The size of the sheet is 137 x 97 cm and is printed on paper with gloss varnish.

All of the political and geographical information is completely accurate and in accordance with the current status of the world. It also shows a relief map of the ocean and sea floors with names marking the most significant areas. There is an enlarged display of Europe in one corner of the map which presents more details of the countries that make up this continent.

The map has 650 illustrated elements representing typical animals, famous monuments, transportation vehicles, national curiosities and natural sites of different countries - plus their list. The map also shows a compass with the complete names of the directions of the world, winds and ocean currents, time zones and country flags listed in alphabetical order.

Take a look at the map and try to find the most amazing thing in the world for you. Discover the most venomous animal, the highest mountain, the deepest point under the sea or where Santa Clause lives.

  • ISBN: 9789539578327
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